Saturday, October 4, 2014

In the mood: to do the French twist

Specifically, I'm in the mood to do the easiest, coolest French twist around.  The Frenchy twist, if you will.

So, I've been growing my hair out for about seven years now (or, all my life, whichever), and it's finally gotten past my shoulders (woo!).  But with length comes responsibility.  What to do with all this hair?  When I had short hair, I styled it every day without fail.  But long hair?  Not as easy to get it up for styling  Which is why, of course, so many ladies resort to ye olde ponytail.  And I love a good pony, I do, but sometimes you just want more.

For a long time I've been doing the messy top-knot.  You know the one.

No source, sorry.

That was basically my daily jam for maybe two years.  

There I am!  In Paris, no bigs.

And there I am with a tiny baby with an Elvis lip-curl.  (And yes, I'm basically Zooey Deschanel.  I mean.)

But you know?  I've gotten a little tired of the bun lately.  Not on other people; I think it's still gorgeous, but on me it's become merely okay.  I'm not sure if I'm just bored, or if it's because I got a haircut recently, and I don't know, it just didn't bun up as well.  Fortunately, although the messy top knot doesn't seem to work on me right now, this new haircut seems to be amenable to other do's, like low ponytails, and chignons.  And French twists!

So, I've never been great at the French twist.  Either it looked too coifed and didn't have enough height at the crown, or it just wouldn't twist properly, and I'd end up with this slightly off-center bulge of hair that would inevitably become exposed because I couldn't get the the rest of my hair to properly cover it.  And that just won't do.  You can't expose the inner workings of the French twist!  It isn't decent!  We don't want to see how the sausage is made.  A French twist is all about mystery.  So I lived a French twist free existence for a while.

Then, in a moment of desperation, mere minutes before I had to run out the door to go to work, and I hadn't washed my hair, and the top knot just wasn't happening, I remembered this little lovely that I had recently pinned.

Source here.

For some reason I had assumed that it wasn't a tutorial, that it was just one of those Pinterest teases that link up to a mediacache page or someone's tumblr.  Honestly, I have no use for those.  I need instruction!  And it turned out that not only was it not a tease, it was an actual tutorial!  And not only a tutorial, it was a video tutorial!  Huzzah!  

And here's the thing, this is the best, easiest, cutest French twist you can imagine.  It's elegant, but still mussed and tousled.  And it's easy!  She uses two bobby pins.  Two!  I used to use an army of bobby pins and the damned thing still wouldn't work.  So, this is my go-to from now on.  It's an excellent technique, and I have a feeling it can be adapted to other styles.  So go check it out already!

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