Monday, November 10, 2014

In the mood for my favorite blogs, part two: House*Tweaking

And now, for Part Two of my series on my favorite blogs.  Here's Part One: Little Green Notebook.

House*Tweaking (which I always want to call House*Twerking, because duh) is written by Dana Miller who lives in Ohio, mother of three, former pharmacist, who is in the process of re-designing their small ranch house.  Dana also has impeccable taste, AND she just got a kitten.  So.  She doesn't do a ton of DIY projects like Jenny, but all of the work in the house is pretty much DIY.  She and her husband laid flooring and painted walls and installed Ikea cabinetry.  Dana does a series on Ikea kitchens, and has pretty much talked me into using Ikea when we re-do our kitchen.  She used Ikea cabinetry, and it looks amazing.  I'm obsessed with her kitchen and plan to ruthlessly copy it when I re-do my own.

All pics from House*Tweaking

THIS is an Ikea kitchen.  I mean, can you even?  

I love the color scheme - the black and white, with tons of wood tones and pops of red.  The vintage rugs make the space look so rich.  Dana's blog satisfies my need for clean lines and it feeds my delusion that I could be a minimalist if only I wanted to.  Also, her style is just spot on.  

This is her daughter's nursery.  It's a small room, and she painted it black.  How cool is that?  I love the Eames rocker, even though they're supposed to be uncomfortable, and that raw wood dollhouse.  The light fixture is pretty rad, too!  In fact, it might just be perfect for the small, low-ceiling'ed bedrooms at my house!  I also love the bamboo shades - she got them on overstock, and uses them throughout her house.  I think they're so fresh.

I'm also dying over her (as yet unfinished) guest bath:

Black hex tile!  White subway tile!  A black enamel tub!  Sweet, futuristic square toilet!  Black pencil trim!  I have a thing for black and white bathrooms, if you must know.  And black and white kitchens. I don't think I'll ever have as much black and white as Dana does, but I love the way she makes it work.  I'm into much more color than she is, but I'm going to steal as much inspiration from her as possible.  Also?  I'm gonna steal her kitten.

Gimme that kitteh!

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