Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In the mood for my favorite blogs, part three: Manhattan Nest

And now for Part Three of my favorite blogs series.  Find Part One here, and Part Two here.

Finally, Manhattan Nest is written by a sweet and hilarious young man named Daniel Kanter.  Daniel and his fiance Max recently bought a turn-of-the-20th Century house in Kingston, New York, which was in pretty rough shape, and he's fixing it up.  He also just bought a small cottage on the same street which he's fixing up to flip.  Daniel's blog satisfies my need to take run-down-but-beautiful things and make them pretty again.  I don't have as much energy for doing this anymore, but Daniel is younger than me and seems to have a lot more energy than I have (also, it's his livelihood), so it's wonderful to read about all of his trials and tribulations.  He does things like tearing out and rebuilding walls and ceilings, cutting millwork (apparently I like millwork), and skim coating old plaster.  I mean, cool stuff.

This is the kitchen.  I have a thing for black and white vintage-y kitchens with white subway tile.

And vintage hooks.  And original window hardware.  Source: Manhattan Nest.

I also love his laundry room.  Is that weird?  

I think it's the tile.  I love that glossy tile.  And although personally I prefer white grout with glossy white subway tile, I think that the dark grout works here - it's edgier and more masculine, and it seems period-appropriate.

He also did this little number, which I die over.

Get out.  Get right out of town.  

That wallpaper is phenom.  And all that yummy white.  White and black, black and white.  When did I become so racist?  I kid.  I don't see color.  I just see colors.  Seriously, though, this whole black, white, wood tone, brass thing is a trend.  You heard it here first!  Just kidding.  I'm probably last to the party.

Anyway!  I hope you enjoyed a little walk-through of my favorite blogs.  I have a few other favorites that I might share at some point, you know, when I'm in the mood.  Love ya!

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