Friday, March 6, 2015

In the mood for cat eyes

Aren't cat eyes the greatest?  They're classic, sexy, femme, and can be sweet or a little bit dangerous.


I do some version of the cat eye pretty much every day.  Want to know a secret?  It makes you look younger and more awake.  And it's pretty easy to do.


Sometimes I do a liquid liner, but I prefer the softer, smokier look of the shadow.  When I use shadow, I do my cat eye with an angled eye shadow brush.  I got mine from Target many years ago, but this one from Sephora is similar.  

I use a method similar to this (below), only with powder shadow rather than gel shadow, so that the line is smokier and less harsh.  I get the brush damp, swipe it in some dark brown shadow, and stamp the edge of my upper lashes, following the lash line, starting from the inner corner, going to the outer corner and flicking up just a bit at the end.  It's really important to flick the brush up at the end!  It's all about the flick.  


My end result is usually something like this:
But there are so many ways you can do the cat eye.

1950s Italian movie star glam:

Boho, 1960s, Allie McGraw:


Fun and fresh in color:


Classic rock and roll:

Teeny tiny:

And, kinda like a cartoon.  In the best possible way.

 (No source.)

 So, tell me: which way do you cat eye?


  1. I do either the teeny tiny one with a pencil or a soft one with shadows :-)
    Katie // Lublyou

    1. Me too! I love a teeny tiny cat eye!

      Beautiful blog, by the way!

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