Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In the mood for matte black

So, what I'm really in the mood for these days is to renovate our bathrooms.  P.S. did you know that renovation is expensive?  Even if you go with Ikea?  We've started "saving."

I started a new pin board for my bathroom makeovers.  I call it Ikea Bathroom.  Genius.  I've been geeking out over hex tiles and free-standing tubs and brass sconces and round mirrors.  And you know what else?  Fixtures.  Bathroom fixtures really interest me these days.  Who knew?

I saw this one on Emily Henderson's blog, and it's got me thinking about matte black.

Matte black!  Right?!  Can you believe this is from HD?  (Is that a thing?  My parents call it HD, which is both cute and nerdy.)  And it's only $115!  

Or how about this little number?  I'd turn that on any day.

Or how about this?  It's just a humble door knob, but I love how it's flat and modern.


I'm planning on going for something like this, from Smitten Studio, for our guest bathroom.

I just love how the matte black blurs the edges and soaks up all the light.  It somehow looks both creamy and moody.  It's blunted and rich, and it pairs perfectly with the shiny white and brushed brass.  I'd also add some woven baskets or unfinished wood accents for texture.  (And I just noticed the hex planter echoes the floor tile.  So clever.)

What do you think of the matte black trend?  Will we tire of it in five minutes, or is it here to stay (for a while)?


  1. I <3 matte black. I want to do our bathroom door in a crackle/rustic matte black (once we update the bathroom floor and cabinet... and closet, I suppose... geez oh man). Bright room with a dark door. Someday.

    1. Yes! I love black doors. Your house is perfect for it - that classic bungalow style.

  2. Love black ~ in any form or fashion or finish!


    1. Me too! I've loved glossy black for a long time (it's one of my favorite spray-paint-fixes) but matte black is looking so fresh!