Sunday, April 12, 2015

In the mood for hardware

So, as you've seen, I've been doing some serious rug buying/stalking on ebay.  And it's dangerous.  As my husband said, I have a (d)rug problem.  So I've had to get off the sauce.

My name is Kat, and I haven't bought a rug on ebay in three days.  (Hi Kat!)

But, in my (d)rug haze, I've rediscovered ebay.  It's kind of revelatory.  I mean, I was into it back in the day, when it was all weird and new.  And it's become more corporate, and that's lame or whatever.  But there are still some cool dealers who aren't charging an arm and a leg for their wares, and as it turns out, you can still find some fun stuff!

When you break and addiction, it's often best to have something to replace it with.  So, instead of rugs, I've moved on to hardware.

Here are some items that I may or may not be bidding on.  (Spoiler: I'm bidding on all most of them.)

Brass and bakelite drawer pulls!  I bid on these.  I'm planning on putting them in my guest bath if I win them.  They fit together in a cool way, like so:
So cool, right? So deco.  I'm painting my crappy builder-grade bathroom cabinets a glossy gray, so I think that this warm brass and bakelite will be a fantastic combo!

More brass and bakelite pulls.  I also bid on these, because, duh.

Brass lion feet!  I need these.  I didn't bid on them, because they're currently $36 and I don't have a specific project to use them with, but I WANT THEM.  

Victorian (Eastlake style) door knobs.  I bid on these.  No bigs.  Planning on using them in the guest room.  (In other news, I've been wondering what to do about my ugly door knobs, and seeing these has made me realize that maybe the solution is to buy different knobs for each door.  I mean, maybe?  I'm not trying to make it look too early-90s and "funky," but just more eclectic and not so matchy-matchy.  Also, the knobs that are available at Home Depot and such are just not super impressive for the price.  I hate the idea of spending $150+ to have all matching knobs just because that's what one does, especially when I don't super love said knobs.  Also, I like saying "knobs.")

A Victorian radiator steam release valve!  Whatever that is!  I assume it releases steam!  From a radiator!  I live in Florida, so I've never really used a radiator!  We have central heat and A/C!  Someone with a radiator should buy this already!

Hooks!  Look at those wolf faces!  I bid on this one, too.  I mean, how can I not have those wolf faces to hang Annie's leash on?  IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HER.

These are numbered cast iron coat hooks, and they're from England, which is the only reason I didn't buy them (pesky GBP, being stronger than the US dollar, how dare you, sir!), but I think they're pretty dreamy.  I like the numbers, and I like that they kinda look like hearts.

So, why hardware?  Why hardware and rugs?  Oh, I've also been obsessed with light fixtures.  I think all of these have something in common: they're all finishing touches to home decor.  If you think about it, the design process usually goes from big to small: first you decide on an over-all color scheme, and paint, and the large pieces of furniture.  Then you fill in the accent furniture:  a chair here, a side table there.  Then you move to pillows and drapery.  Then you do the accessories - the stacked books on a coffee table, the ceramic figurines on a bookshelf.  Finally, you drill down to the finishing pieces, like lighting fixtures, rugs, and hardware.  These are those final details that bring it all together, the sprinkles on top.

Now, that's not to say that you can't start with an amazing light fixture or rug and go from there.  Of course you can.  But, generally I think it's safe to say that hardware comes last.  So, that's where I am now; I've made the larger decisions throughout my house, and now I'm getting to the small details.  I'm working on the knobs and pulls and light fixtures.  It's so fun, not only because I find these things beautiful and fascinating, but because I feel like I'm learning about the design process.  My house looks better and better with each pass.  These are the steps that make home design look intentional.  And I'm nothing if not intentional.  

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