Wednesday, June 24, 2015

In the mood to live outside my means

So, today, I'm fantasizing about living outside my means.  Although it's looking like we're going to build (eventually, like in 10-15 years), because that's so far away, I just want to redesign a house that I can't afford.

This one is my current favorite, although "favorite" might be stretching it.  Really, it's just the least objectionable house with the best bones.  It needs work and it's way out of my price range.  But that's okay!  Fantasy!

The pros: the exterior has clean lines, fairly big yard, nothing too objectionable.  I mean, the yard is bland, I'd jazz that up, and I'd definitely paint the exterior.  I'm thinking white with black garage doors, like so.

Moving on to the interior.  The pros with the interior are that it has wood floors throughout (with the exception of tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, and carpet in the loft).  There's also a separate mother-in-law apartment for when my parents inevitably end up moving in with us.  

I love how big the kitchen is, and that it has an eat-in option as well as a bar.  But, since it's my fantasy, I'd make some big changes.  I'd retile the floor, maybe in a faux-wood tile in a herringbone pattern, or maybe I'd just continue the wood from the rest of the house.  I'd paint everything white.  All that tan and wood - it's way too warm.  I'd do a full-on Ikea kitchen, with black lowers and white uppers, like Dana from House*Tweaking.  I think I'd reconfigure the kitchen, too.  That island doesn't make any sense to me.  Maybe do a peninsula off the bar, and then turn the island 90 degrees?  

Or maybe I can save myself some money (this reno is going to cost me some serious imaginary money!) and keep the wood lowers, and just add white uppers, built all the way to the ceiling.  (Seriously, why do builders leave a gap between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling?  It makes no sense!)

And instead of the separate table and chairs, I'd do a built-in breakfast nook.

Something like the pic on the left, working with the windows, but with a fabulous table like that pink beauty on the right.  And then some fantastic light fixture above to define the space.

Now, moving on to the master bath:

Pros: nice size, I like that there's a window, and I like the separate bath and shower.  But...obviously I'd demo the whole thing.  No more garden tub.  No more builder-grade plate glass mirrors, no more beige!  Instead, I'd do black and white, with subway tile and hex tile, maybe some natural wood tones.

And maybe a fun pattern on the floor?

Or a fun wallpaper?  Maybe in the w/c?

The bathroom has a separate shower, which I'd make the most of.

I love the window panes look, but it might be a lot to keep clean.  The open shower (below) is low-maintenance, while being cool and modern.

One thing I really like about this house is the loft.  Since we're going into the whole having-a-family phase of life, I'd love a space like this for our future kids.

I'd get rid of that carpet, of course.  And what's with that weird niche on the left side of the hallway?  I'm just not sure what that's supposed to be.

I like the idea of having a couch and TV set-up, but also some shared work space.  However, instead of a free-standing desk (that looks more like it belongs in an office), I'd do a wall of desks and storage, but keep the pieces light.

I like the idea of a big cork board to display kids art and other inspiring things.

Finally, on to the back yard:

The yard is nice and big, but since we have a dog, we'd need to add a fence.  I'm loving black and/or slatted fences lately.

I love how the black really makes the green pop.

And finally, since this is my fantasy, I'd put in a POOL!  Maybe it's the 98 degree heat talking, but I'm dying for a pool!  The unfortunate truth is that, since we live in Florida, we would have to have a screened-in pool.  I say "unfortunate" because screened-in porches can go really cheesy really fast.  But of course, with my imaginary millions of dollars, I'd do a really classy job.

That last picture is from a house in Tampa, so it's pretty representative of the outdoors here.  I love the clean lines and the more substantial look of the screened enclosure.  It makes it look more like part of the house, rather than something that was just added on.

So, now all I need is $600k for the house, plus another $100k+ for improvements.  No problem!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

In tha mood for tha muthafuckin' weekend

This has been the longest week ever.

Here's what I've experienced in the past week:

  • Friday: attended my girl Juliette's bachelorette party.  (SO much fun, but damn dude, I'm still hungover.  I think I might never drink again.  I always say that after a hangover, but I might actually mean it this time.  At the very least I need some serious time off.)
  • Saturday: hungover drive from Melbourne to Tampa.  AND I stopped at Ikea because I'm apparently a masochist.
  • Sunday: eh?  I think I repotted some plants, but I can't be sure.  Oh, I hung an Ikea Dyning canopy over our patio.  I'm less than thrilled.  Maybe I'll post about it soon.
  • Monday: attended Juliette's wedding.  SO beautiful, so much fun.  
  • Tuesday: work from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday: work from 8:45 2:30 a.m.  Oof.

And today is Thursday, which really isn't fair if you think about it.  I'm so tired.

But!  The weekend!  It's almost around the corner.  I can kinda see it out of the corner of my eye!  And I love it already!  Come here, little weekend, let's cuddle.

But the thing is, I have a problem with weekends.  Weekends make me happy and excited before they happen, apathetic during, and sad after.  I suffer from grandiose visions paired with general laziness and low self-expectations, which naturally leads to self-loathing for failing to achieve all I really want to achieve.  

Also?  I am no good at having fun on weekends.  I really don't like going anywhere because that would require me to shower and look like an adult human.  I don't like shopping on the weekends because everyone shops on weekends and everything is so busy.  Brunch makes me a little anxious.  Ordinarily I would want to grab a beer with my honey, but like I said, I'm not in a drinking place right now, so... nope.  I think my problem stems from the idea that "having fun" means "leaving the house," but I don't so much like to "leave the house" when I don't have to because it involves showering and getting dressed, so really all I want to do is stay home, but staying home doesn't = "having fun" but instead = "doing nothing" and "being a lazy asshole" and if I'm home, shouldn't I just be working on some project anyway?  I'm both weirdly hard on myself and incredibly self-indulgent.  I'm an enigma wrapped in a lazy mystery.

I don't know what's wrong with me.  I'm not sure if it's just a problem managing expectations or what, but I need a weekend intervention.  So I'm intervening myself.

My friend Autumn said that she likes to split her weekends 50-50: 50% work, 50% leisure.  So this weekend, I'm going to fastidiously implement that plan.  Due to the tendency to under-book my weekends, I'm going to try a slight over-booking, with the knowledge that I will be okay pairing it back a teense.

  • clean the house (non-negotiable)
  • spray paint patio set (again) (weather permitting)
  • overhaul the backyard (weather permitting)
  • post furniture to sell on craigslist (weather permitting) (just kidding)
  • refinish furniture that I just bought on craigslist, including building planning? a base for my new campaign dresser!
  • donate clothes that I purged during my KonMari method experience
  • iron/steam clothes
  • Go see a movie?  
  • Saturday cooking dinner/dance party with Brian
  • Beach?  Eh?
  • Something crafty?
  • Sleep?  Lots of it?
  • Binge watch something?  Maybe while doing a craft?
See, I told you I was no good at having fun on weekends.  I am so lame.  Seriously, though, what do you do for fun on the weekend?  Does brunch ever make you anxious or is it just me?