Monday, November 16, 2015

In the mood to set up my office: which chair should I buy?

So I'm trying to decide between two chairs to put at my desk.  We recently added a desktop that my parents owned but didn't use (thanks Mom & Dad!), and I need a chair that have variable height, and that provides arm support.  The whole typing with my elbows hanging out in mid-air gives me a migraine.

The benefit of office chairs (as opposed to pretty chairs) is that they often give you variable height and arm support, but they don't often have adjustable arm support.  I had good chairs at my last few jobs that allowed me to change up the arm support height depending on whether I was typing or writing by hand.  I found this chair on Amazon for $75.

Pro: adjustable arm support, adjustable height, good price.
Con: ugly as hell.  Screams "office."

Our "office" is actually a little corner of our library, which is light and airy and lovely.  The last thing I want in that room is an ugly, black office chair.

However, I will buy an ugly black office chair if I have to.  But what are my other options?

This little number is super cute, a great color, has arms, and is height-adjustable, but the arms aren't adjustable.

I've also seen hacks where people have spray painted the base gold.

Lovely, right?  The gold makes it look like a much higher end chair.  The problem is, of course, that while it has arm rests, the arm rests aren't adjustable and may not be the right height for me.  Also, it's $200, which is more than double the Amazon chair.

Again, pro: arms, con: the arms are not adjustable.  So, it would depend on whether the arms are the right height for me.  I love the shape of this chair, it's so 1960s, which would go well with our library.  I also love that it's faux leather, which means it won't collect cat hair the way fabric does, interweaving it into the weft of the fabric to create a new, cat-based textile.  I could also do the same thing as the chair above, and paint the base gold.  The con, aside from the fact that it might not fit my body right, is that it's $150 - twice what the Amazon chair costs.  On the other hand, it's at least 10,000 times cuter than the Amazon chair.  That's worth something, right?

So, now I get to go to Ikea!  If the white chair works with my body, then I think I'll get it.  If not, then I'll have no other choice than to go the ugly route.  All things equal, which chair do you prefer?

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